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Smart Meter Installation Services

PAT Testing Services

PAT Testing Training

EEMS Ltd provide services to Industrial, Commercial, Public and Privates sectors.

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Electricity Metering Exchange

EEMS Ltd provides sub-contracted metering exchange and support services to our Customers; Electricity Meter Operatives, in the fitting of next generation utility metering technology.

Known as Smart Meters or AMR Meters, these enable the end user to have 100% accurate billing with no requirement for estimated meter readings. Furthermore, these instruments give vital information on electricity usage enabling the customer to better manage consumption. This is key in any carbon reduction initiative.

All works carried out by EEMS Ltd are performed under the Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA). This agreement exists between electricity distribution businesses and electricity meter operatives in Great Britain. The MOCOPA agreement ensures that the equipment being provided to us for installation purposes is installed to appropriate technical and safety standards.

EEMS Ltd provides services in the area below:

        • Single phase metering works
        • Multi phase metering works
        • Smart metering communications support
        • Whole current and current transformer competencies
        • Disconnection/reconnection works
        • Meter worker day hire.